National Forestry Action Plan. Antigua and Barbuda. Main Report. CARICOM/FAO/ODA. Tropical Forests Action Programme

Table of Contents

St. John's, 1993

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Background Information on Antigua and Barbuda

2.1 Natural Regions and Ecosystems

3. Review of the Forestry Sector

3.1 Role of Forestry and Trees in the National Economy
3.2 Relevant Development Policies
3.3 Legislation
3.4 Administration
3.5 Constraints Affecting the Subsector's Development

4. Overview of Priority Areas

4.1 Forestry in Land Use

4.1.1 Land Use Distribution
4.1.2 Watershed Management
4.1.3 Agroforestry
4.1.4 Forest Management and Silviculture

4.2 Forest Based Industrial Development
4.3 Fuelwood and Energy
4.4 Conservation of Forest Ecosystems
4.5 Institutions

5. Plan of Action

5.1 National Development Policies
5.2 Long-term Subsector Policy and Objectives
5.3 Priority Area Policies and Projects
5.4 Plan Coordination and Implementation
5.5 Immediate Follow-up

6. Draft Project Profiles

6.1 Summary of NFAP Budget by Priority Areas
6 2 Proposed Implementation Schedule

Project 1.0 - Country Capacity for NFAP Implementation

Project 2.0 - Forest and Watershed Rehabilitation with a Sustained Utilization Component

Project 3.0 - Establishment of a National Parks/Protected Areas System

Appendix I. List of CMT, Local Counterparts and their Areas of Special Study

Appendix II. Bibliography