Improving Pesticide Application Techniques for Desert Locust Control







Analysis of Current Practices

The objective of this series of work is to examine current pesticide use practices in Desert Locust control, both in terms of control operations and of equipment. Analysis of the results is intended to identify how systems of pesticide use can be improved in practice.

As an overall view of pesticide application in Desert Locust control, the project commissioned an independent review of current practices throughout the Desert Locust affected countries; the report is available for download.

Current practice analysis has two main themes:

The figure illustrates the research approach. The basic analysis used is to compare current practice (encompassing people, procedures and equipment) with internationnally recognised best practice. Where current practice falls short of best practice, the reasons are examined. As illustrated in the figure, usually the reasons can be the result of one or more constraints. It is also the case that existing best practice may not be applicable to the particular circumstances of Desert Locust control; where this is the case, appropriate best practice procedures are being developed.



A project funded by Norway and executed by FAO

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Reveiw of Current Practices (PDF 688 kb)