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Modification of the Title and Composition of CWP

15. After five Sessions of the Working Party, discussions took place within the CWP, as well as ICNAF, ICES and the FAO Committee on Fisheries on how to "rotate and widen participation" in the sessions of the CWP. In response to a recommendation from the Third Session of the Committee on Fisheries (see Report paragraphs 73-75), the FAO Council, at its Fifty-first Session (1968, Resolution 1/51), altered the title of the Working Party to the Coordinating Working Party on Atlantic Fishery Statistics (also abbreviated to CWP) and decided that it would be "... composed of experts; FAO, ICES and ICNAF each appointing up to four experts in accordance with their respective constitutional procedures". The FAO Council noted that proposals for these changes had been approved by ICES (by the Bureau) and by ICNAF (at its 18th Annual Meeting). The FAO Council also (i) confirmed that as far as FAO was concerned the CWP was a working party of experts established under Article VI-2 of the Constitution, (ii) authorised the Director-General of FAO, in accordance with Article VI-3 of the Constitution, to determine the terms of reference of the CWP in agreement with ICES and ICNAF and to promulgate amended statutes to reflect the contents of the present resolutions, and (iii) agreed that FAO should continue to provide the secretariat services for the Working Party.

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