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Statutes and Rules of Procedure

16. The statutes and draft rules of procedure were provided to the first Session of the CWP (Bergen, 25-26 June 1960) in a document prepared by the Secretariat (STANA/I/A). The statutes comprise the terms of reference and the composition. The terms of reference for the CWP were those prepared by the Edinburgh meeting and quoted in paragraph 10 (ii) above. The original composition of the CWP was as recommended by the Edinburgh meeting and quoted in paragraph 10 (i) above, but was then modified as described in paragraph 12 above.

17. Under Article VI-3 of the FAO Constitution, the CWP is entitled to adopt its own rules of procedure and amendments thereto, and these shall come into force upon approval by the Director General of FAO. At its First Session, the CWP agreed to adopt the rules of procedure as proposed by the Secretariat after incorporating two changes.

18. At its Tenth Session (1980, Madrid), the CWP recommended "that FAO obtain the approval of its appropriate governing bodies to dissolve the present Working Party as an FAO statutory body". It proposed that CWP be reconstituted as an "independent inter-agency consultation forum" with representation as follows: FAO (up to five participants), ICCAT, ICES, ICSEAF, NAFO, CCAMLR (each up to three participants), Eurostat (one participant, plus one EEC member country participant if none was nominated by ICCAT, ICES, ICSEAF, NAFO or CCAMLR) and OECD (one participant). However, these recommendations were not agreed by all participating organizations and so the proposed reconstitution did not take effect.

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