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Appendix one - Terms of reference

Appendix one - Terms of reference

The consultant will. in close collaboration with Vanuatu's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Fisheries abdm as appropriate. with other Government ministries and agencies, and non-government organisations:

1) with appropriate awareness paid to cross-sectorial involvement of women, review the social and economic role played by women in the fisheries sector, including activities undertaken by them in the harvesting, processing and marketing sub-sectors, outlining the relative importance of their involvement in each of the sub-sectors;

2) in the context of the fisheries community, determine whether the role of women in the fisheries sector is changing, and if so, in what directions and to what extent;

3) indicate broadly whether important regional differences exist for women in Vanuatu in each of the three sub-sectors in (1), and if so, evaluate the extent of these differences and their implications for policy;

4) assess the importance of the role played by the Government, regional organisations: such as FFA and SPC, NGOs, the churches and other national groups, in promoting or otherwise, the interests of women in the fisheries sector;

5) outline social and economic constraints facing women in Vanuatu in increasing their effective participation in harvesting, processing and marketing of fish and fishery products, taking into account, inter alia, social taboos. access to fisheries resources, access to financial resources to support small-scale activities, and opportunities for processing and marketing; and

6) propose comprehensive, realistic and consistent measures that might be adopted by Government to form the basis of an effective national policy for strengthening the participation of women in Vanuatu's fisheries sector.

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