The global forest products model (GFPM): users manual and guide to installation



Global Forest Products Outlook Study


Table of Contents


Appendix A: Products and Countries

Appendix B: Mathematical Formulation of the GFPM

Static phase

Dynamic phase:

Appendix C: Model Calibration

Raw material supplies

Estimation of manufacturing cost

Appendix D: Directories and Files

Appendix E: Practical Notes on the Base-Year Solution

Appendix F: Practical Notes on the Projections

Appendix G: Link between the World and Regional Models

Appendix H: Troubleshooting

Appendix I: Main Macros in the GFPM

Appendix J: Possible Extensions of the GFPM Model

Appendix K: Reprise: Running the Model Step-by-Step (Windows NT Users)

Appendix L: Reprise: Running the Model Step-by-Step (Windows 95 Users)

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