Training Materials for Agricultural Planning 43 - WinDASI User Manual

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Table of Contents




Organization of the Users' Manual
1. Overview of the Software

1.1 The structure of the Data

(i) Commodities
(ii) Activities
(iii) Investments
(iv) Plans
(v) Zones
(vi) Project

1.2 The "Without Project" Facility of WinDASI

2. Inserting Project Data

2.1 The main toolbar
2.2 Observations
2.3 Definitions of the units used in the project
2.4 Data Entry

2.4.1 The Components window
2.4.2 Creation of a component

3. Editing and Printing Data

3.1 To view a component on the screen
3.2 To edit, modify or remove a component
3.3 Duplication of a commodity or an investment
3.4 Printing data

4. Calculations Carried out by WinDASI

4.1 How to carry out a calculation
4.2 The Results window

4.2.1 Use of the aggregate feature
4.2.2 Project indicators
4.2.3 Sensitivity test
4.2.4 Comparison

5. Project Data Management

5.1 Saving project data in a data file and loading project data from a data file
5.2 Quitting WinDASI
5.3 The use of WinDASI in conjunction with a spreadsheet


Plan, zones and projects
Project indicators

(i) Project Life
(ii) Incremental Net Benefits
(iii) Cumulative Values
(iv) Net Present Value
(v) Switching Values
(vi) Switching Value Calculation
(vii) Comparing project alternatives: with-project versus without-project situations

Normal versus phased modes of calculation


1. NGAMO 1

1.1 Background
1.2 Data Set

1.2.1 Tabulated data used as the basis for calculations

1.3 Question Set
1.4 Hints
1.5 Solution Set

1.5.1 Answer to question (i)
1.5.2 Answer to question (ii)
1.5.3 Answer to question (iii)
1.5.4 Answer to question (iv)
1.5.5 Answer to question (v)
1.5.6 Answer to question (vi)

1.6 Trainer's Notes

1.6.1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.6.2 Use of the Files for the Exercise NGAMO 1

2. NGAMO 2

2.1 Background
2.2 Data Set
2.3 Question Set
2.4 Hints
2.5 Solution Set

2.5.1 Answer to question (i)
2.5.2 Answer to question (ii)
2.5.3 Answer to question (iii)
2.5.4 Answer to question (iv)
2.5.5 Answer to question (v)
2.5.6 Answer to question (vi)
2.5.7 Answer to question (vii)

2.6 Trainer's Notes

2.6.1 Frequently Asked Questions
2.6.2 Use of the Files for the Exercise NGAMO 2

3. NGAMO 3

3.1 Background
3.2 Data Set

3.2.1 Data about the type and quantity of farms involved
3.2.2 Data about the investment at project level: cost of rehabilitation and development of the irrigation scheme
3.2.3 Data about economic prices

3.3 Question Set
3.4 Hints
3.5 Solution Set

3.5.1 Answer to question (i)
3.5.2 Answer to question (ii)
3.5.3 Answer to question (iii)
3.5.4 Answer to question (iv)

3.6 Trainer's Notes

3.6.1 Use of the Files for the Exercise NGAMO 3

4. NGAMO 4

4.1 Background
4.2 Data Set
4.3 Question Set
4.4 Hints
4.5 Solution Set

4.5.1 Solution for question (i)
4.5.2 Solution for question (ii)
4.5.3 Solution for question (iii)
4.5.4 Solution for question (iv)
4.5.5 Solution for question (v)

4.6 Trainer's Notes

4.6.1 Use of the Files for the Exercise NGAMO4


Project Description
Questions to be answered by the Project Analyst
How to use WinDASI for the Analysis of the Project

(i) Identification of Commodities
(ii) Identification of Activities
(iii) Identification of Plans
(iv) Identification of Zones
(v) Identification of the Project Components


(i) Project Data
(ii) Price Assumptions
(iii) Labour Requirements and Availability
(iv) Crop Data
(v) Cropping Pattern
(vi) Home Consumption Requirements
(vii) Household and Farm Data
(viii) Number of Farms in the Project
(ix) Project Costs and Benefits at Sub-Area Level
(x) Costs at Project Level
(xi) Financial and Economic Indicators of Farm Models, the Project and its Components