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7. The ACFR noted the successful intersessional period, in particular the results of the Meeting of FAO and Non-FAO Regional Fishery Bodies and Arrangements and the conduct and preparation of reports by the three Working Parties. The Report of the First Session of ACFR was ambitious and much was accomplished, and it was hoped that the next intersessional period would be shorter, and that members would be able to participate more actively in the adopted work programmes.

8. The Committee recognized the development of a Strategic Framework for FAO (2000-2015) approved at the Conference in November 1999, and the Medium-Term Perspectives for Fisheries (2000-2005) presented to COFI in February 1999. The Committee agreed that a key aim of this Session would be to contribute a formal statement from ACFR in support of the research efforts implied and expressed in the Strategic Framework and Medium-Term Perspective, both of which would be addressed by the Committee. The three International Plans of Action (IPOA) developed since the First Session were also noted as significant for consideration by ACFR.

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