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The objective of this study was to document procedures and collect data on forest harvesting in tropical natural forests of Papua New Guinea, and to evaluate operations associated with different phases of planning and implementation of harvesting as generally applied under the system of Timber Permits that prevails in Papua New Guinea.

The results and findings of this study also provide information on the implementation of the Papua New Guinea Logging Code of Practice, which was formally adopted by the National Executive Council in March 1996, and might serve as a reference for a review of the Code at some point in the future.

To assist with the study, two timber permit holders were identified by the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority, namely Stettin Bay Lumber Company Ltd. (SBLC) with its sawmill at Buluma/Kimbe in West New Britain Province, and Vanimo Forest Products Pty. Ltd. (VFP) with its timber processing facilities at Vanimo in Sandaun Province.

The relative efficiencies of felling and extraction operations were investigated through work and time studies. A skidtrail survey was carried out to provide information on environmental impacts of extraction operations. In addition, information was collected from the cooperating companies on the social and economic impacts of forest resource development in the areas of the two companies' timber permits.

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