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Following abundant rains in August, crops are growing satisfactorily in the south while harvest prospects remain uncertain in the Sahelian zone. Following somewhat reduced rains in early and mid-July, precipitation became more abundant and relatively well distributed over the producing areas, except in the south-west (Léré region). During the first dekad of August, rains were generally adequate except in some areas in the Sahelian zone such as Bokoro or Massakory. Precipitation improved significantly during the second dekad and was widespread and well above normal in the south and the centre during the last dekad. In the Sudanian zone, coarse grains are heading/maturing. In the Sahelian zone, millet and sorghum are elongating. Maize is maturing in the south. Crop conditions are generally satisfactory. Pastures are good in the south, and improving in the centre and north.

Grasshoppers are reported in Guéra and Salamat. Isolated Desert Locusts have been seen in the Biltine area in early August. Low numbers may also be present in Tibesti and southern Ennedi. Small scale breeding may be in progress in a few areas which received recent rains and new hoppers and adults could appear. Some insect and rodent attacks are also reported in Lac, Moyen-Chari and Ouadaï areas.

Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)

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