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The fourth edition of this Directory is being brought out almost 25 years after it was first published. During this period there have been many changes in institutional structures throughout the world, with many technological institutes in the developing world being closed or consolidated. However, it can be seen from the 121 entries that there is a viable mass of infrastructure and experienced staff to form a solid base for the development of fish technology. While every attempt has been made to have the widest possible coverage there are inevitably some omissions and errors. The Fish Utilization and Marketing Service of the FAO Fisheries Department will be very pleased to receive any new entries or updatings for future editions.

Of course the major development in the period since the Directory was first issued has been the rapid growth of the Internet and the benefits this has provided in terms of access and exchange of information. As a contribution to this process the directory is being put up on the FAO Fisheries web page where it can be accessed at:

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