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IX. Recommendations

Agrobiodiversity conservation must build upon and strengthen the acknowledged traditional role of women as conservators of knowledge and genetic resources, especially in the context of livelihood uncertainty due to rural-urban migration and greater responsibility of women in small farms. These are suggestive of potential opportunities for supporting and strengthening the role of rural women in agrobiodiversity conservation.

A. Mechanisms for institutional partnerships

Agrobiodiversity conservation must establish institutional partnerships that work both in the field and at policy level.

B. Research, development and extension interventions

C. Policy development

D. Networking and capacity building

E. Comments from resource persons

The presentation of recommendations was followed by a plenary discussion during which participants reacted to and proposed suggestions for their finalization and unanimous adoption as consultation output. Providing assistance to this process were two resource persons, namely Arma Bertuso (Ms), a specialist in gender and genetic resources conservation issues from SEARICE; and Arnold Garcia, head of the Natural Resource Management Programme of SEAMEO-SEARCA.

The following are the resource persons’ summarized comments to the group’s synthesis and recommendations:

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