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Glossary and Abbreviations


Vaccination to prevent Tuberculosis

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Measure of adult nutritional status calculated by taking the weight (kg) over the height (m) squared.

Chronic energy deficiency

Assessment of adult nutritional status measured by the Body Mass Index.


Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy

Doi moi

Viet Nam's reform programme that led to major changes in modes of production, government institutions and provision of social services and significant improvements in living standards during the 1990s.


Vaccination to prevent Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus


Female-headed household. In this analysis headship is self-reported by households as an administrative requirement for implementing the survey and may not represent true decision-making power within a household.


The social roles of males and females defined in a particular society which may change over time

Gender equality

Equal outcomes for men and women, often used as a proxy to assess gender equity

Gender equity

Fairness to both men and women. This is hard to quantify and is usually measured by measures identifying equal outcomes rather than true equity between sexes


Household chores such as cooking, cleaning, household repair, etc. Does not directly produce income, but being critical to daily life it may be viewed as "facilitating" the generation of income.

Intra-household allocation

The allocation of resources and benefits among members of a household


Intra-uterine device (contraceptive method)

Living conditions

The environment in which individuals/households perform their functions as members of the society including basic necessities for survival (food, shelter, health, education)

Living levels

See living standards

Living standards

The extent to which a person, family or group of people can satisfy their material wants


Male-headed household


Poverty is a scarcity of resources needed for a human being to survive in a specific society governed with specific norms and practices

Purchasing power

A measure of the ability to purchase goods or services, usually calculated as per capita household expenditures and often used as a measure of poverty

Real wages

Wages after adjustment for inflation


The biological characteristics of being male or female


A measure of long-term child malnutrition, measured by taking height for a given age and comparing to the height for a given age among a "standard" well-nourished population of the same age


Viet Nam Living Standard Survey


The condition of not being able to adjust to changes that occur in the environment

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