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FAO Fisheries Department.
Aquaculture development. 1. Good aquaculture feed manufacturing practice.
FAO Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries. No. 5, Suppl. 1. Rome, FAO. 2001. 47p.

The paper presents technical guidelines for good aquaculture feed manufacturing practice. The guidelines were compiled for FAO in support of Article 9 of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) concerning Aquaculture Development (FAO, 1997), and in particular in support of Article 9.4.3 of the CCRF concerning the selection and use of feeds and additives. The guidelines cover a number of issues, ranging from ingredient purchasing, processing, bulk storage, handling, monitoring, and documentation, to issues such as employee training and safety, customer relations, and the delivery of finished goods to the farmer. However, issues relating to the handling and management of manufactured aquaculture feeds by farmers on the farm are not covered here, as these will be considered within separate guidelines to be produced at a later date concerning good on-farm feed management practices.

Key words: Aquaculture, aquafeed, quality assurance, ingredients, purchasing, manufacturing, storage.

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