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Committee on Fisheries/Comité des pêches/Comité de Pesca.

Report of the first session of the Sub-Committee on Aquaculture. Beijing, People's Republic of China, 18-22 April 2002.

Rapport de la première session du Sous-Comité de l’aquaculture. Beijing, République populaire de Chine, 18-22 avril 2002.

Informe de la primera reunión del Subcomité de Acuicultura. Beijing, República Popular China, 18-22 de abril de 2002.

FAO Fisheries Report/FAO Rapport sur les pêches/FAO Informe de Pesca. No. 674. Rome/Roma, FAO. 2002. 66p.

At its Twenty-fourth Session, the Committee on Fisheries (COFI) decided to establish a Sub-Committee on Aquaculture to provide a forum for consultation and discussion on aquaculture and to advise COFI on technical and policy matters related to aquaculture and on the work to be performed by FAO in the subject matter field of aquaculture. The first session of the Sub-Committee was held in Beijing, People's Republic of China, from 18 to 22 April 2002.

The Sub-Committee recognized the important role that aquaculture could play in improving livelihoods, generating income, and stimulating national and regional development and identified the following as key priority areas for future work:

i. Creating an enabling environment for the promotion of sustainable aquaculture development and management.

ii. Establishing a framework for sustainable rural aquaculture development.

iii. Education, information sharing and capacity-building.

iv. Data collection and reporting to improve knowledge and management of the sector.

The Sub-Committee also recognized the current inadequacy of Regular Programme funds to successfully carry out the activities recommended during this Session. It requested that the FAO Fisheries Department reviews its Medium-Term Plan (MTP) for its compatibility with the recommendations made during this Session, and develop new programme entities with budget requests, as appropriate, to accommodate these un-funded needs, and submit to the next COFI Session. The Sub-Committee requested the FAO Fisheries Department to make a report on its efforts in this regard, and present this to the next Session of the Sub-Committee.

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