FAO/GIEWS: Africa Report No.1 - April 2004 p.33

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Domestic cereal availability in 2003/04 is estimated at 2.97 million tonnes against total utilization requirements of 4.58 million tonnes. Thus, total cereal import requirement is estimated at 1.61 million tonnes, of which commercial imports are estimated at 1.3 million tonnes, leaving a food aid requirement of 300 000 tonnes. As of end March, food aid pledges amounted to 81 000 tonnes of which 51 000 tonnes had been delivered.

 WheatRiceCoarse GrainsTotal Cereals
 [thousand tonnes]
Previous year production (incl. paddy rice)297502 6192 966
Previous five years average production (incl. paddy rice)246502 6352 931
Previous year imports430210332972
Previous five years average imports5241446051 273
2003/04 Domestic Availability235332 7062 974
2003 Production (incl. paddy rice)235502 7062 991
2003 Production (incl. milled rice)235332 7062 974
Possible stock drawdown----
2003/04 Utilization8352433 5064 584
Food use7812173 0994 097
Non-food use3426367427
Exports or re-exports--1010
Possible stock build up20-3050
2003/04 Import Requirement6002108001 610
Anticipated commercial imports5002106001 310
of which: received or contracted-69-69
Food aid needs100-200300
Current Aid Position    
Food aid pledges60-2181
of which: delivered36-1551
Donor-financed purchases--66
of which: for local use--66
for export----
Estimated Per Caput Consumption (kg/year)24797128
2003 Production compared to average (incl. paddy rice)96100103102
2003/04 Import requirement compared to average115146132126
Cereal share of total calorie intake   50
Additional Information    
Major foodcropsmaize; wheat; pulses; roots; tubers
Lean seasonJune-July
Population (000s)31 987   
GNI per capita in 2002 (US$)360   

FAO/GIEWS - April 2004

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