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1. Opening of the session and adoption of agenda

2. Appointment of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

3. Changes in membership of the CWP

4. Review of recommendations from CWP-19

5. Reports of Intersessional Meetings of interest to CWP

Report of CWP-ISM, 21-22 March 2002
Report of FIGIS-FIRMS Methodological Workshop, 1-5 July 2002

6. Intersessional developments in Agency programmes in fishery statistics

7. Elasmobranch and bycatch species statistics

8. National data collection methodologies and data quality criteria and indicators

9. Proposal for an advocacy role for CWP

10. Catch and trade certification schemes

11. Catch and aquaculture terminology

12. Vessel identifiers

13. (item cancelled, covered under Item 16)

14. (item cancelled, covered under Item 16)

15. Proposed FAO Strategy on Improving Information on the Status and Trends of Capture Fisheries

16. Report of the Second FIGIS-CWP meeting on 20 January 2003

17. Agency data collection and STATLANT issues and statistical area boundaries

Statistical area boundary changes
Socio-economic indicators
Environmental sustainability indicators
Fishery statistics for South East Asia

18. Handbook of Fishery Statistical Standards

19. Any other business

20. Arrangements for the 21st Session of the CWP

21. Adoption of the Report

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