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This guide follows the approach used by H.R. Lafitte in Identifying Production Problems in Tropical Maize: A Field Guide and draws on further publications from CIMMYT.

Special thanks to Maarten Stapper of CSIRO Canberra Australia for making suggestions on early drafts, for guidance on structure and for providing unpublished content.

Our thanks to those who gave us photographs and figures; they are acknowledged by name in the appropriate places. The photos on pp. 55 and 57 have been provided by the Department of Primary Industries, Queensland, from their book Hungry Crops: A Guide to Nutrient Deficiencies in Field Crops

Constructive comments on late drafts came from many people in many places, in particular (in alphabetical order) L. García del Moral (Spain), R. Labrada (Italy), R.K. Malik (India), C.A. Meisner (Bangladesh), R.H. Miller (Guam), D. Rubiales (Spain), K.D. Sayre (Mexico), S.K. Sinha (India), K.D. Subedi (Nepal) and A. Yahyaoui (Syria). We thank them for ideas and the content they supplied.

Jean Pierre Marathée, former Senior Officer of the Field Food Crops Group, Crop and Grassland Service FAO, is thanked for his continuous support to this publication.

Anne Rawson, our non-scientist, non-farmer reader, made many suggestions for keeping the booklet comprehensible and digestible, and was responsible for editing and layout.

Finally, please let FAO know how this publication can be improved. Any comments will be appreciated and considered in the next update. This publication is also avail-able on CD-Rom and on the Internet.

H. M. Rawson and H. Gómez Macpherson

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