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The FAO Fisheries Department has embarked on a programme of promoting sustainable increases in the production of food fish from aquaculture activities in developing countries, including Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Mindful of the status of the world’s marine capture-fisheries the goal of the department has been to assist SIDS to position themselves to mitigate food insecurity, while at the same time ensuring that their aquaculture practices are compatible with their ecosystems. In the case of the SIDS of the Lesser Antilles the assistance took the form of a workshop to examine the past and ongoing aquaculture experiences and to elaborate the institutional and policy constraints and opportunities for sustainable aquaculture development, in the future.

This report is the record of the proceedings of that workshop. It also includes the national aquaculture-status reports of the countries that were represented and the papers presented by resource persons.

The report was prepared by the FAO Subregional Office, in close collaboration with the Development Planning and the Inland Water Resources and Aquaculture Services of FAO, Rome.


All FAO Members and Associate Members
Participants at the Session
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