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Lovatelli, A.; Walters, R.; Anrooy, R. van (eds.)
Report of the Subregional Workshop to Promote Sustainable Aquaculture Development in the Small Island Developing States of the Lesser Antilles. Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia, 4-7 November 2002.

FAO Fisheries Report. No. 704. Rome, FAO. 2003. 122p.

The workshop was organized by the FAO Subregional Office for the Caribbean in collaboration with the Development Planning and Inland Water Resources and Aquaculture Services of the FAO Fisheries Department, Rome. It was hosted by the Government of Saint Lucia, and attended by 15 participants from seven countries, four regional institutions and the FAO Fisheries Department.

The syntheses of the national experiences and status of aquaculture development in the Lesser Antilles reflected a significant level of diversity in the scale of activities among the island nations; they also revealed many similarities in the results and present status of aquaculture development in the subregion. The case studies elicited very positive comments and enquiries from the country representatives.

In the plenary deliberations, to identify the constraints to and opportunities for developing aquaculture sustainably in the subregion, participants recognized the need to rank the aquaculture development activities based on individual country-priorities and stage of development.

The workshop agreed that participants would consult with the decision-makers in their respective countries and communicate a priority-list of needs for possible technical assistance to the technical secretary of the workshop. It was also agreed that such a list would be used to identify common themes that could form the basis for a possible subregional Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) project proposal.

Alessandro Lovatelli

Fishery Resources Officer
Inland Water Resources and Aquaculture Service
FAO Fisheries Department

Randolph Walters

Fisheries Officer
Subregional Office for the Caribbean
Bridgetown, Barbados

Raymon van Anrooy

Aquaculture Economist
Fishery Development Planning Service
FAO Fisheries Department

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