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APPENDIX 5: Major Challenges Identified - Significant Activity Indicated by Rfbs in Implementing the IPOA-IUU and Main Perceived Causes of IUU Fishing



1. Lack of flag State control, including:

  • operation of open registries - registering IUU vessels

  • securing cooperation of some States in observing measures

· Development of compliance measures
· Maintain record of fishing vessels - authorized
· Maintain a record of fishing vessels - IUU
· Compilation, exchange of information on details of measures taken on IUU fishing
· Records of authorized vessels compiled, exchanged
· Regularize coordination with other RFMOs - information

2. MCS, including:

  • inspections at sea

  • lack of human capacity and equipment

  • non-cooperation by vessel operators

· Institutional strengthening undertaken to enhance capacity to combat IUU fishing
· MCS - promoting implementation of MCS by members in their jurisdictions
· MCS - real time catch and vessel monitoring systems
· MCS - monitoring landings
· MCS - regulation of transshipment

3. Reporting

· Development, implementation of comprehensive arrangements for mandatory reporting
· Institutional mechanisms strengthened - reporting, information requirements

4. Create economic, trade or other disincentives to IUU fishing

5. Create awareness among shipowners, captains about importance of conservation

6. Weak capacity of member countries to combat IUU fishing

7. Mend gaps in fisheries regulatory regimes

8. Assessing the extent of non-member and member State IUU fishing

9. Limit destructive fishing practices

· Policy objectives determined for internal purposes

MAIN PERCEIVED CAUSES OF IUU FISHING: In general: no effective flag State control; open vessel registries; profit or economic motivation; displacement from other fisheries; ineffective implementation of coastal State fisheries management plans; limited resources for effective control by the flag State or coastal State. For a specified fishery: absence of a requirement for catch statistics to be collected; suppression of information thought to be unfavourable; local sale or consumption; inaccuracy in making returns; provisional licences; inadequate legal framework.

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