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APPENDIX 6: Summary of Responses to some Questions in Part 3 of the Questionnaire




1. Lack of flag State control, including:

  • registering IUU vessels

  • securing cooperation of some States in observing measures

· Applicable MCS measures, below
· Cooperating with non-Members taking part in fishing and/or trade in relevant species, including effective diplomatic relations

· Measures to improve flag State control (eg centralized VMS)
· Development of an action plan to identify non-cooperating States, seek their cooperation and if necessary to develop measures to encourage them to cooperate

2. MCS, including:

  • inspections at sea

  • lack of human capacity and equipment non-cooperation by vessel operators

· Port State control
· Improved MCS measures by Contracting Parties
· Surveillance systems, VMS
· Coordination of aerial and maritime surveillance
· Coordination of surveillance in international waters
· Fisheries observers
· Regional agreement on access for foreign vessels, cooperation in surveillance

· Improvement of at-sea surveillance capability
· Measures to improve port State control (e.g. web-based electronic catch documentation scheme)
· Strengthened MCS and improved information collection and exchange to better detect IUU fishing
· Fisheries observers

3. Reporting

· Applicable MCS measures, above

· Ensure catch statistics reporting conform to RFB’s minimum standards
· Measures to reduce unreported catches, especially those arising from illegal activity

4. Create economic, trade or other disincentives to IUU fishing

· Catch documentation, certification schemes
· Trade documentation schemes
· Trade sanctions

· Introduction of market-based measures such as trade documentation schemes

5. Create awareness among shipowners, captains about importance of conservation

· Public awareness through education to develop a culture of compliance

6. Weak capacity of member countries to combat IUU fishing

7. Mend gaps in fisheries regulatory regimes

8. Assessing the extent of non-member and member State IUU fishing

9. Limit destructive fishing practices

· Cooperation, consultation and collaboration with other organizations to take measures to eliminate or deter IUU fishing

· More coordinated actions among RFBs

· Formulation of management measures by member States

· Almost all areas of IUU fishing

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