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APPENDIX 7: RFBs Reporting Effective Measures/Actions and their Impact on IUU Fishing





· Catch Documentation Scheme
· Port State control
· Cooperation with Non-Contracting Parties taking part in fishing for or trade in Dissostichus spp.
· List of IUU vessels established

· IUU fishing activities localized and dealt with effectively on a case-by-case basis. Most perceived offenders identified.


· Catch certification scheme
· Trade documentation schemes
· Sanctions against countries that do not control their fleets
· Surveillance systems

· The trade documentation scheme has eliminated flag of convenience vessels from a number of countries from the fishery because the market has been made inaccessible. More recently the scheme enabled the CCSBT to identify flag of convenience vessels operating under the flag of a country that was cooperating with the CCSBT. The CCSBT approached the cooperating country on the basis of trade information. The vessels have been deregistered and are no longer active in the fishery.


Use of a wide range of compliance measures, including:

  • the MTCs

  • the Regional Register of Foreign Fishing Vessels

  • aerial and maritime surveillance

  • fisheries observers

  • port State controls

  • members’ VMS

  • regional treaty on cooperation in surveillance

  • consultation and collaboration with other RFBs.

· Keeping IUU fishing to a low background level instead of allowing it to get out of control


· Trade documentation schemes
· Trade sanctions

· Noted in Part 2 of the questionnaire that estimates of vessel numbers are lower than 2-4 years ago, but this is no proof a declining trend
· Expressed a related concern that might be shared by a number of RFBs - many decisions taken in the past have worked on an annual time scale, while the nature of IUU fishing vessels is very dynamic. This has diminished the potential impact of many measures


· Coordination of surveillance in international waters
· Effective diplomatic initiatives with regard to fishing by non-Members
· Improved MCS measures by Contracting Parties.

· Fishing in international waters by non-Contracting parties has been eliminated and coordination of surveillance improved.
· Progress is being made by the Contracting Parties in minimizing unreported catches so the proportion of the total catch reported has increased.

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