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39. As noted in his opening address, Mr Doulman stated that fewer than ten countries had prepared and disseminated their NPOAs-IUU even though FAO was aware that many other countries and RFMOs were addressing different aspects of IUU fishing through such activities as vessel listing, strengthened international cooperation to fight IUU fishing and enhanced MCS programmes.

40. The attention of the Workshop was drawn to the NPOAs-IUU, some of which were still draft documents, prepared by Republic of The Gambia, Republic of Namibia, New Zealand, Republic of Seychelles, Spain, Kingdom of Tonga and United States of America. It was noted that the European Commission had also prepared a similar document for its Members while the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) in East Africa had prepared a regional plan of action to combat IUU fishing. Noting some differences among the approaches adopted in the preparation of these documents, Mr Doulman pointed out that they were all, nonetheless, tied closely to the IPOA-IUU.

41. Mr Doulman encouraged participants to review and study the NPOAs-IUU already developed as a means of facilitating the elaboration of their respective NPOAs-IUU following the Workshop.

42. The Workshop was advised that Indonesia has a NPOA-IUU in draft form. Other countries reported that they were in the process of assessing requirements for the elaboration of their NPOAs-IUU. It was noted that this process for some countries was constrained by the revision and approval of new fisheries legislation. Countries in this situation were encouraged, nonetheless, to proceed with the elaboration of their NPOAs-IUU, bearing in mind that they should be viewed as “living” documents, subject to periodic revision as circumstances warrant. The NPOAs-IUU, along with other initiatives should also be seen as an integral part of an ongoing process towards improved fisheries management. The Workshop noted that this process was important in that it would enable gaps to be identified with respect to the measures adopted or proposed to combat IUU fishing.

43. In relation to the elaboration of NPOAs-IUU, the Workshop recognized the importance of promoting an inclusive approach in drafting the instrument. However, it was pointed out that broad consultation with stakeholders, although highly beneficial, was often a lengthy process.

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