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44. To reinforce the concepts and information presented in the Workshop concerning measures to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing and to encourage participants to interpret and apply them, a problem-solving exercise was undertaken in the Workshop. The outline of the exercise is attached as Appendix I.

45. Participants were requested to work in five groups and to decide what initial steps should be taken to address the IUU fishing problem presented in the scenario. The compositions of the working groups are attached as Appendix J. The solutions to the problem presented in the Workshop by the leaders of each of the working groups are attached as Appendix K.

46. Following the presentations in the Workshop, Ms Judith Swan commented generally on the solutions proposed to the problem. She noted that a range of creative and different approaches had been suggested indicating that there were a range of options that could be considered. She indicated that each group had sought to assemble information for the Minister so as to ensure that he might be as fully briefed as possible. Ms Swan indicated that it was apparent that all groups had recognized the need to cooperate with other countries in order to solve the particular IUU fishing problem. Ms Swan stated that it was encouraging that some groups had sought to take a longer term forward looking approach to ensure that NPOAs-IUU were in place to cater for such problem in future or to strengthen existing NPOAs-IUU where groups had assumed that these plans already existed.

47. Ms Swan indicated that it was apparent from the presentations that the working groups had a good knowledge of the respective roles of officers in government including the need to engage port and market States. Participants were aware of the need to move quickly and to seek effective internal and external coordination when confronted with an IUU fishing problem of the type described in the scenario. Ms Swan noted that an issue that had not been addressed so well by the groups was that of vessel registration and the possibility of taking action against a vessel that was stateless. There was also the possibility of seeking MCS assistance from neighbouring countries. Overall, she concluded that the solutions suggested by the working groups should enable countries to be better placed to address particular instances of unauthorized fishing in zones of national jurisdiction and IUU fishing practises generally.

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