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Levels of chronic malnutrition among small and school-going children continue to be persistently high. However, good nutrition is an essential prerequisite for effective learning. In recognition of this problem and in response to the Ministry’s National Education Policy (Educating Our Future, May 1996) on improvement of the nutritional status of school-going children, the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, developed action-oriented nutrition education materials. These materials focus on influencing the nutrition and health-related attitude, values, behaviour and practice of school children within the school premises as well as at community level.

The methodologies suggested in these materials aim at strengthening the link between the school and the home.

It is my hope that these materials will contribute to the improvement of the nutritional and health status of school children in the country as a whole. Furthermore, it is my sincere hope that these materials will, together with other interventions by collaborating partners, have sustainable impact on the nutritional status of the community as a whole.

Barbara Y. Chilangwa
Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Education

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