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Teak (Tectona grandis) is one of the most important tropical hardwood species indigenous to the Asia-Pacific Region. There is a long tradition of systematic management of natural stands and plantations, and considerable research into its improvement in South and South-East Asia. Whilst there is a wealth of information on teak, there has been no effective mechanism to share this knowledge and to facilitate improvement of techniques for the conservation, management and utilization of teak forests and plantations.

The need to develop a suitable mechanism to strengthen exchange of information on teak was discussed during the China/ESCAP/FAO Regional Seminar on Research and Development of Teak, held at Guangzhou, China in 1991. There was a general consensus for the proposal to establish a network of institutions and individuals concerned with the conservation, management, utilization and trade of teak. The issue was discussed in detail during a 2nd Regional Seminar on Teak held at Yangon, Myanmar 29 May-3 June 1995. At this seminar the participants unanimously endorsed the proposal to establish the "TEAKNET Asia-Pacific Region" network.

The primary objective of the network is to strengthen interaction among all those concerned with the conservation and sustainable management of teak-bearing forests and plantations through sharing of information and promoting collaborative efforts to deal with common problems. Proposed activities include review of teak research and knowledge through periodic seminars (every 3 years), information dissemination (including quarterly newsletter and database development), support for collaborative research and training programmes, and exchange of germplasm and technical expertise among the countries and institutes collaborting in the activities of the network.

Membership of TEAKNET is open to institutes, in both the private and public sectors, and to individuals involved in managing natural teak forests and plantations, undertaking research and studies on teak and/or involved in processing and trade of teak products. TEAKNET has a seven-member steering committee (with representatives from Myanmar, Thailand, China, Indonesia, India and Malaysia) and a secretariat based in and supported by the Forestry Department of the Government of Myanmar.

For further information on TEAKNET please contact:

Mr. Mehm Ko Ko Gyi
TEAKNET Coordinator
Forestry Department, Ministry of Forestry
Bayintnaung Road
West Gyogone, Yangon 11011, Myanmar
Tel: 951 63413
Fax: 951 64336

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