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This publication was prepared by Pierre Bessuges, Gretchen Bloom, Turi Fileccia, Angus Graham and Ilaria Sisto.

We wish to thank John Hourihan, Senior Officer, Gender and Development Service (SDWW) of FAO, for providing the opportunity to develop some SEAGA Guidelines for Emergency and Rehabilitation Programmes.

We would also express our gratitude to Laurent Thomas, Chief Special Emergency Programmes Service (TCES) and Jean-François Gascon, Liaison and Operations Officer, Emergency Operations Service (TCEO), Alice Carloni, Senior Rural Sociologist, and Maria Grazia Quieti, Senior Agricultural Policy Support Officer in FAO Investment Centre, and Indira Joshi, Operations Officer, TCES, for their valuable contributions and for encouraging such a fruitful collaboration between SDWW, FAO’s Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Division (TCE) and the World Food Programme.

We also thank Asa Torkelsson and Catherine Gazzoli for their assistance in editing some parts of the document and collect background material; and Angela Raven Roberts for her contribution.

In WFP, we would like to thank Francesco Strippoli, Director of the Division for External Relations, and Dianne Spearman, Director of the Policy and External Affairs Department, for their continual support.

The authors have made every attempt to be accurate; however, errors in the representation of views may have occurred. Responsibility for such errors, and for the text in its entirety rests with the authors.

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