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Thanks are due to Malanie Harbin whose efforts in editorial management of this project were invaluable and to Ruth Hershner who was responsible for the layout and draft production of this publication. In addition, we thank Enric Cortes, John Graves, William Hamlett, Rob Latour and Colin Simpfendorfer for their efforts in providing scientific reviews of manuscripts. Lastly, thanks are due to Sonja Fordham, Stetson Tinkham, Colin McIff and the APEC Fisheries Working Group without whom this project would not be possible. This is a contribution from the IUCN Shark Specialists Group, the National Shark Research Consortium and also Virginia Institute of Marine Science Contribution No. 2562.


This book is dedicated to the shark fishers and fishery managers. May they have the wisdom and will to achieve and maintain sustainable shark fisheries.

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