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UNESCO and cosmetics company L'Oréal have launched an online forum called AGORA to highlight and support women's contribution towards scientific progress. The partners already collaborate on a programme that awards annual prizes to female scientists on each continent. AGORA will focus on topics such as science education for women and girls, women of science and sustainable development, bioethics and diversity. The forum aims to strengthen ties among community members and to provide a space for discussing crucial issues facing the world. Each quarter, AGORA will publish a series of themed articles - the first is on women's and girls' access to scientific education and the next will focus on women's role in sustainable development.

Alliance for Zero Extinction

The Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE), a global initiative of biodiversity conservation organizations, aims to prevent extinctions by identifying and safeguarding key sites where species are in imminent danger of disappearing. The goal of the Alliance is to create a frontline of defence against extinction by eliminating threats and restoring habitats to allow species populations to make a recovery.

Amazon conservation team

Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission

The Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) is one of six FAO Regional Forestry Commissions that cover the world's major geographic regions. The APFC is a forum for advising and taking action on key forestry issues. It focuses on issues pertinent to Asia and the Pacific, a region characterized by its diversity and rapid changes.

Celebrating wildflowers

Climate ark climate change and global warming portal

Connecticut ferns environment portal (formerly Eco-Portal) is an environmental portal that has been operational since 1999. The search engine is the largest online environment search index in existence, and the earth blog at provides a constant stream of analysis of the most important environmental developments of the day.

Finnish forests

This site is a gateway to Finnish forests and the forest sector and highlights the importance of forests for Finland.

Forest law enforcement

Forest protection in south Finland

Forests in southern Finland (south of Lapland) are extensively used. They are popular for recreation and contain a large part of the country's forest biodiversity. They are also so intensively logged for industrial use that the current wave of species extinctions is not slowing down. Forest conservation measures in southern Finland are now extremely important. This Web site is about forest conservation, especially in south Finland. Here you can become acquainted with some of the most important unprotected forests and appeal for their future. You can also follow the progress of the Finnish National Forest Conservation Initiative for Southern Finland (METSO) from an ecological perspective.


IPDEV is an EU research project, led by Chatham House in the United Kingdom, to assess the impact of intellectual property rights rules on economic growth, environmental protection and social goals.

Lady forester

North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA)

Policy and law forum

Poverty and

The Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) is a forum for facilitating mutual learning between key stakeholders, from a range of backgrounds, on conservation-poverty linkages.

SciDev.Net free database of image archives

The size of our world

United Nations Forum on Forests


Wikiwords is a collaborative project to create a dictionary of all terms in all languages with definitions and example sentences. Wikiwords was derived from the KudoZ open glossary.

Wilderness survival


WildFinder is a map-driven, searchable database of more than 26 000 species worldwide, with a powerful search tool that allows users to discover where species live or explore wild places to find out what species live there. Containing information on birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, WildFinder is a valuable resource for scientists, students, educators, travellers, birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike.


Xpeditions (National Geographic)

Maps for printing and copying.

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