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Acronyms and Abbreviations

WISDOM Woodfuel Integrated Supply/Demand Overview Mapping

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FIVIMS Food Insecurity Vulnerability Mapping System

FOPP – WE Forest Products Service – Wood Energy (FAO)

GFPOS Global Forest Products Outlook Study (FAO)

GLCN FAO/UNEP Cooperative Programme Global Land Cover Network

i-WESTAT Interactive Wood Energy Statistics (FAO)

IAO Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare (Florence, Italy)

IEA International Energy Agency

JPOI Johannesburg Plan of Implementation

LCCS Land Cover Classification System

MAI Mean Annual Increment

MDG Millennium Development Goals

SADC Southern African Development Community

SDRN Sustainable Development Environment and Natural Resources Services (FAO)

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNEP United Nations Environment Programme

UNOPS United Nations Office for Project Services

Ch Charcoal

CUM Cubic meter (m3)

Fw Fuelwood

inh inhabitant

MJ Megajoules (106 joules)

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