Part 1 Technical presentations and discussions

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Part 1
Technical presentations
and discussions


These sections present the papers, field study presentations and relevant discussions which took place during the workshop according to the workshop agenda (Appendix 1).

More details include:

  1. Thematic papers prepared by professional experts on natural hazards to provide an objective analysis of the roles coastal forests and trees play in protecting lives, resources and infrastructure from coastal erosion, cyclones, tsunamis and wind and salt spray respectively. A coastal area planning paper on incorporating forests and trees into disaster management strategies and a synthesis paper on the current scientific knowledge on the issue were also commissioned.
  2. The abstracts of case study presentations (referred to as “field study presentations”), which helped to highlight the use of forests and trees for coastal protection in various countries of Southeast Asia, and the need for better implementation of protection projects.
  3. A summary of the key points and observations emphasized in the workshop discussions relative to each hazard.

The power point presentations, full field study presentations (case studies) and other related documents are available in the CD of these proceedings.

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