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148. It was noted by Indonesia that more effort should be made to include small-scale fisheries in the development of the fisheries sector in terms of overall fisheries management and IUU fishing. There is a risk that small-scale fisherfolk are being left behind in the development of the sector and this should be avoided. BOBP-IGO fully supported the inclusion of small-scale fisheries in the sector's development and confirmed the need to give special attention to this vulnerable group. It was noted that the issue had been raised at the previous COFI by BOBP-IGO.

149. Several Members mentioned an interest in receiving guidance on information sharing and vessel registration systems (e.g. vessel number, licensed gear, port, owner.) and practical means to implementing vessel registration schemes.

150. The incoming secretary of APFIC, Mr Simon Funge-Smith mentioned the contribution of the outgoing secretary of APFIC, Mr Derek Staples and thanked him for all the hard work he had done during his term of office. The Commission welcomed the incoming secretary of APFIC and thanked him for taking on this important task.

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