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148. In closing, the APFIC secretary thanked the host, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia, and the local hosts, the Provincial Fisheries Department and the governor and provincial staff of North Sulawesi, for their excellent facilitation of the second RCFM.

149. The secretary also thanked all the participants from APFIC member countries and other organizations for their active participation. The sharing of information and ideas between the member countries remains a major APFIC objective and was clearly achieved over the course of the three days. APFIC remains the only regional policy forum for the exchange of information on Asian fisheries and aquaculture. The attendance and participation of several regional and international organizations bode well for closer future collaboration over the development of the sector. The recommendations of the RCFM and the draft report of the RCFM were to be presented to the thirtieth APFIC session in Manado, to be convened from 11 to13 August 2008.

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