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Sixth world forestry congress, Madrid, 6-18 June 1966


Seven study tours are being arranged, four within Spain, and the remaining three in France, Morocco and Portugal. The latter will be organized by the respective governments.

Each tour will take place twice; once before the Congress and once afterwards, both with the same programs except for the France, Morocco and Portugal tours, which will have different programs. Numbers of participants will be limited, in most cases to 100.

Tours outside Spain. Before the Congress

Tour No. 1-A. Paris region - Madrid. 30 May - 4 June

Includes visits in Paris to the Centre technique du bois and the Centre technique forestier tropical and in Normandy to a pulp mill and a veneer mill; to a beech forest (Eu forest) and an oak forest (Bellême forest) to study problems concerning regeneration and transformation into coniferous forests.

Tour No. 2-A. Northern region of Morocco - Madrid. 30 May - 4 June

Industrial plantations of eucalypts. Visits to the cellulose mill of Sidi Yahia, projects for reforestation with Pinus pinaster, and to the cedar and cork-producing forests.

Tour No. 3-A. Southern region of Portugal - Madrid. 30 May - 4 June

Industrial plantations of eucalypts and natural cork-producing forests.

Tours outside Spain. After the Congress

Tour No. 1-B. Madrid - Paris regions. 20 - 26 June

Visits to: Centre technique du bois; Centre technique forestier; a furniture factory in Touraine; and a plywood and particle-board mill in Deux-Sèvres; Ecole forestière des Barres at Nogent-sur-Vernisson (Loiret).

Tour No. 2-B. Madrid - southern region of Morocco. 20-25 June

Works of reforestation and soil conservation carried out in the southern part of Morocco.

Tour No. 3-B. Madrid - northern Portugal. 20 - 25 June

Study of groves of Pinus pinaster and natural forests of Quercus pedunculata. Visits to pine forests, resin extraction operations, and resin processing plants, reclamation work in the dunes of Quiaios, reforestation in the highlands of Manteigas, and oakwood processing industries.

Tours within Spain. Before (A) and after (B) the Congress

Tour No. 4. Madrid - Pyrenees - Madrid. A. 31 May 4 June, B - 20 - 24 June

Study of reforestation of highlands in the Macizo Pirenaico and neighboring areas. The highlight of the tour is a visit to a high mountain valley of a well-balanced forest economy, dedicated both to grazing and timber production including a state-owned model stock farm.

Tour No. 5. Madrid - Castille and northern Spain Madrid. A. 30 May - 4 June, B - 20 - 24 June

Visits to forests of Pinus pinaster in the Province of Segovia used for resin production, and to forests of Pinus silvestris in the Province of Soria used for timber production. In Santander, visits will be made to eucalypt mills, and in Vizcaya Pinus insignes reforestations.

Tour No. 6. Madrid - southeast Spain - Madrid. A. 30 May - 4 June, B - 20 - 24 June

Study of reforestation mainly with Pinus pinea, P. pinaster and P. silvestris, in the semi-arid zone of Sierra Morena and Sierra Nevada.

Tour No. 7. Madrid - southwest Spain. A. 29 May 4 June, B - 20 - 25 June

Industrial plantations of eucalypts and their derived industries. Visits to the numerous eucalypt plantations in the Province of Huelva, to study the establishment for introduction of species, nurseries, etc. A feature of the tour will be the works of forest colonization carried out by the State in poor and uninhabited areas of the Province of Huelva.

A pamphlet giving detailed information on the timetable, itineraries and prices, and containing the registration form, is available from:

Sr. Luis Gimenez-Quintana

Associate Secretary-General, Sixth World Forestry Congress Forestry & Forest Products Division, FAO, Rome, Italy.

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