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The invaluable help of Dr Steven M. Garnsey is gratefully acknowledged in the detailed editing of all chapters, but especially for the many suggestions for improvement in the outline and content. His many hours of work in editing are sincerely appreciated.

The author wishes to express personal appreciation and thanks to Drs R.H. Brlansky, R.F. Lee and S. Nemec for reviewing the section an blight; to Dr E.C. Calavan for his initial review of the manuscript and for his many valuable suggestions, especially an the section an stubborn ; to Dr T. Miyakawafor his helpful suggestions and review of the sections an satsuma dwarf and tatterleaf; to Dr J.S. Semancik for reviewing the section on exocortis; and to Dr R. Vogel for reviewing the section on cristacortis.

Special thanks are due to Dr M.M. Taher, FAO Regional Plant Protection Officer for the Neal East, without whose persistence and inspiration this handbook would not have been published.

Finally, the author acknowledges the valuable assistance of Miss Brenda Jones in proofreading and typing the text.


This handbook is dedicated to Dr Edmond Clair Calavan, scientist, scholar and mentor, without whose inspiration, guidance and foresight many of the techniques and procedures mentioned in this handbook might not have been developed.

Dr Calavan was instrumental in developing the necessary indexing facilities for the Citrus Clonal Protection Program at the University of California at Riverside, and inspired and encouraged research to develop new methods for the detection of plant virus and virus-like pathogens. He was, and still is, a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to the author and it is fitting that this handbook he dedicated to him.

Chester N. Roistacher

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