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(All amounts in US$ 000)

  Major Programme 1998-99 Programme of Work Programme Change 2000-01 Programme of Work Trust Fund 2000-01 Total Activities Percent of Total
7.0 Contingencies 600 0 600 0 600 100%
Total (zero real growth) 600 0 600 0 600 100%
Cost Increases (zero real growth) 0  
Total (zero real growth - recosted) 600  
Programme Change (zero nominal growth) 0  
Total (zero nominal growth) 600  

780. The contingencies provision which is subject to the provisions of Financial Regulation 4.5(c) is intended to meet unforeseen, essential expenditure and requests from external bodies for unplanned work.

781. The current level of the contingencies provision was set by the Conference as far back as 1979 for the 1980-81 biennium, when the approved total budget level was US$ 278 million. No change is proposed for the 2000-01 biennium.

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