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Annex C An example of irrigation scheme bye-laws or constitution

The irrigation scheme bye-laws or constitution vary from scheme to scheme. The following is a list of bye-laws common in most of the irrigation schemes studied.

  1. Dogs are not allowed into the irrigation scheme. A fine of Z$ 50 will be levied on anyone allowing his or her dog to enter the scheme.
  2. The scheme gates should be closed at all times. Anyone who leaves the gate open will be levied a fine of Z$ 20. If animals get into the scheme after the gate had been left open and they destroy crops, the culprit (the individual who left the gate opened) will compensate the owner of the crops. The crop loss will be assessed by AGRITEX and given a monetary value.
  3. Farmers should get into the scheme through the gate only. Anyone who jumps over or goes under the fence will pay a fine of Z$ 50.
  4. All farmers should follow the agreed cropping programme (programme agreed upon by the IMC, AGRITEX and all farmers). Anyone who deviates from the programme will have water cut off from his or her plot.
  5. All farmers must attend scheme meetings. Anyone who absent him/herself from the meeting without a valid reason will pay a fine of Z$ 50.
  6. Electricity bills for the scheme will be divided equally among the farmers. It is a must that each farmer pays his/her dues on time. If he/she fails to pay by the agreed date, water will be cut off from his or her plot.
  7. If a plot holder continuously fails to pay the electricity bills, he or she will be asked to leave the scheme. The fate of the vacated plot will be decided by the IMC .
  8. Repair and maintenance works for the pumping unit and the conveyance pipeline is the collective responsibility of all the farmers. Every farmer should pay the agreed monthly subscriptions to cater for the repair and maintenance works. Any defaulter will have water cut off from his or her plot. If the defaulting farmer continues for another six months without settling the debt, he or she will be evicted from the scheme.
  9. Every farmer should take care of the repair and maintenance of his or her infield infrastructure. Anyone who does not do the repair and maintenance works properly will lose his or her plot.
  10. Thieves from outside, who steal produce or equipment from the scheme, will be handed over to the police if they are caught. If a plot holder steals from the scheme he or she will also be handed over to the police. In addition the stealing farmer will be evicted from the scheme.
  11. Fighting is not allowed in the scheme. Any violators will appear before the IMC for punishment. The punishment will vary from a fine to complete eviction from the scheme depending on the gravity of the matter.
  12. All land disputes will be settled by the IMC.
  13. Re-allocation of plots will be done by the IMC.
  14. If the plot holder dies, his or her plot will be taken over by the surviving spouse. If both spouses die, the eldest son will take over the irrigation plot.
  15. Opening and closing of the pump will be done only by the individual appointed by the farmers. Any farmer found opening or closing the pump without permission of the IMC will pay a fine of Z$ 200.
  16. Irrigation is to be done between 05.00 hours and 17.00 hours. Any late comer will not have any extended time.

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