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Appendix 6: List and profiles of participants

List of participants
Profiles of participants

List of participants


Dr. Lulu Bilquis Banu
Principal Scientific Officer
IFRD, BCSIR (institute of Fuel Research and Development, Bangladesh Council of Science and Industrial Research)
Mirpur Road, Dhanmondhi
Dhaka 1205
Tel. (Off): 880-2-506335
Fax: 880-2-863022, 863900, 860220 (hm)

Mr. Abu Zaher
Assistant Project Coordinator
VERC (Village Education Resource Center)
Anandapur, Savar
PO Box 2281
Tel (Off): 880-6-226779, 226412
Fax: 880-2-813095 Attn. VERC

Mr. Nazmul Haque
IDEA (Institute of Development Affairs)
House No. 5, Golapbag R/A, Shibgonj
Sylhet - 3100
Tel (Off): 880-821-760588


Mr. Jigmela
c/o Mr. Tandi Dorji
Public Health Engineering Section
PWD: Thimphu
Fax: 975-2-22838


Mr. Yang Saing Koma
No. 1 Boulevard Mao Tse Tung
PO Box 57, Phnom Penh
Tel (Off): 855-23-362668
Fax: 855-23-720177

Ly Chou Beang
Concern Worldwide
PO Box 485, Phnom Penh
Tel (Off): 855-23-365095, 362636
Fax: 855-23-362636

Mr. Chean Thayut
PRA Provincial Coordinator
Union Europeene - PRASAC-1
Kompong Chhnang
PO Box 2028, Phnom Penh 3
Tel (Off): 855-26-988684
Fax: 855-23-60649 c/o Willy van Kempen

Mr. Adhong Ramahdan
ICRDP (Indonesia - Cambodia Rural Development Project)
PO Box 2094, Phnom Penh - 3
Fax: 855-23-427019 c/o Mme. Sar Sokhan


Mrs. Indu Gupta
All India Women's Conference, Bihar
Nageshwar Colony
Boring Road, Patna (Bihar)
Tel (Off): 91-612-236568

Ms. Sadhana Gautam
All India Women's Conference
6, Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi -1
Tel (Off): 91-11-3389680, 3389314
Fax: 91-11-3384092


Mr. Husni Safruddin
Directorate General Electricity and Energy Development
JI. H. R. Rasuna Said
Blok X2, Kav. 7 & 8
Kuningan - Jakarta Selatan 12950
Tel (Off): 62-21-5225180, ext. 454
Fax: 62-21-5256084


Mr. Zaw Zaw Han
Junior Research Officer
FREDA (Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association)
24, Yawmingyi Street, (1st Floor)
Dagon Township, Yangon
Tel (Off): 95-1-72500, 95-1-70366
Fax: 95-1-240377

Mr. U Nay Myo Zaw
Junior Program Officer
CARE Myanmar
1 Aung Mingaung Avenue (off Thanlwin Road, Windermere)
Ward (10), Kamayut, Yangon or
PO Box 1271, Yangon
Tel: 95-1-524507
Fax: 95-1-512801

Mr. U Aung Kyaw Lwin
PSI (Population Services International)
36 Golden Hill Avenue
Dahan Township, Yangon or PO Box 762, Yangon
Tel: 95-1-530165
Fax: 95-1-527668


Luitel Sita Ram
Save The Children US
PO Box 2218
Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
Tel (Off): 977-1-412598, 412447
Fax: 977-1-410375

Mr. Kayeswar Man Sulpya
RECAST (Research Centre for Applied Science & Technology)
Tribhuvan University
Kirtipur, Kathmandu
Tel (Off): 977-1-330348, 331303
Fax: 977-1-331964

Ms. Sushila Sharma
Training Officer
Women Development Division
Narayan Bhawan, Jawalakhel
Tel (Off): 977-1-522050, 523827
Fax: 977-1-521214, 225212


Mr. Le Anh Vu
Project Manager The Center for Reproductive and Family Health (RaFH)
C12 Bai Cat Linh, Dong Da, Hanoi
Tel (Off): 84-4-8234288, 8430447, 8257135
Fax: 84-4-8234288, 8257135

Tran Thi Hong
Senior Officer, Environmental Sanitation Programme Vietnam Women's Union
39 Hang Chuoi, Hanoi
Tel (Off): 84-4-8253436, 9711306
Fax: 84-4-8253143

Mr. Le Van Thong
Deputy Director
RCAICE (Research Centre for Architectural Indoor Climatology and Environment)
HAI (Hanoi Architectural Institute)
Km. 9, Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan
Tel: 84-4-8542521
Fax: 84-4-8544288, 8252153


Aryanto Soedjarwo
Yayasan Dian Desa
PO Box 19, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta
Tel: 62-274-561247, 563423
Fax: 62-274-563423

Emma Wibowo
Jln. Sam Ratulangi 2B, Yogyakarta
Tel: 62-274-580645



Christina Aristanti
PO Box 19, Bulaksumur
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
Tel: 62-274-561247, 563423
Fax: 62-274-563423

Michelle Schulein
PO Box 19, Bulaksumur
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
Tel: 62-274-561247, 563423
Fax: 62-274-563423


Mudahan Hazdie
Director, PSP-NTB
JI. Kesejahteraan Raya No. 24
Mataram, Lombok, NTB 831115
Tel: 62-370-21086


Auke Koopmans
FAO-RWEDP (Regional Wood Energy Development Programme)
Maliwan Mansion, Phra Atit Road
Bangkok 10200, THAILAND
Tel: 66-2-2800760, 2802760
Fax: 66-2-2800760

Jaap Koppejan
FAO-RWEDP (Regional Wood Energy Development Programme)
Maliwan Mansion, Phra Atit Road
Bangkok 10200, THAILAND
Tel: 66-2-2800760, 2802760
Fax: 66-2-2800760

Ms. Cristina Sriratana
Administrative Assistant FAO-RWEDP
Maliwan Mansion, Phra Atit Road
Bangkok 10200, THAILAND
Tel: 66-2-2800760, 2802760
Fax: 66-2-2800760

Ms. Jaruwan Thananimit
Maliwan Mansion, Phra Atit Road
Bangkok 10200, THAILAND
Tel: 66-2-2800760, 2802760
Fax: 66-2-2800760

Profiles of participants


Indu Gupta (government: All India Women's Conference, Bihar) age: 49

Works as a social worker. Has a MA in ecology. Has trained as a lead trainer for field, practice and theory based trainings, including TOT for ICS, energy awareness. Has experience in participatory methods, participatory rural appraisal, activity profile of gender analysis, M&E, program planning.

Ms. Sadhana Gautam (government: All India Women's Conference) age: 40

Works as a program officer. Has an MA in Music, and a three year social worker diploma. Has experience as a lead trainer in field based and practice based training. Has experience in stove construction, trouble shooting; knowledge in combustion. Knowledge of participatory methods, group dynamics, PRA, activity and resource profiles of gender analysis, M&E and program planning.


Le Van Thong (research institute) age: 49

Director of a research institute with an architectural design degree. Has conducted training courses on ICS and kitchen improvement in Vietnam. Knowledgeable on stove design and stove construction, combustion, heat transfer and heat loss. Has limited knowledge on participatory methods, participatory rural appraisal, gender analysis, M&E and program planning. ARECOP works with his research institute as a country contact point.

Le Ann Vu (center for reproductive and family health) age: 24

Works as a project manager in the center and graduated from Hanoi Medical College. Has conducted lecture, practice and theory based training on ICS construction and safer motherhood, STD prevention as assistant trainer. Has experience in stove construction, stove repair and trouble shooting. Knowledge on combustion. Experience in organizing training and management projects. Sensitive to women's health.

Tran Thi Hong (government: Vietnam Women's Union), age: 42

Graduated from Pedagogy. University in Leningrad, USSR. Post-graduate work at university in Bulgaria. A lead trainer for the Vietnam Women's Union who has conducted training on community participatory development tool kit, community mobilization, management skills, construction and use of ICS, revolving load fund for ICS construction. Has experience in designing and constructing ICS. Experience with participatory training, PRA, RRA, activity profile, community participatory approach, M&E, program planning.


Sushila Sharma (government: Women Development Division) age: 43.

Works with environment and appropriate technology projects. Has a Masters degree in Sociology and a diploma in population science. Has conducted on the spot training for rural women on credit management, environment protection, health/sanitation as a lead and assistant trainer. The trainings were lecture and practice based. Has been promoting ICS in her project areas. Has attended an ARECOP training on kitchen improvement. Largely field based experience.

Luitel Sita Ram (international NGO) age: 34

Works in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. Has a Bachelor of Education and B.Sc. in Agriculture. He has run field, practice, lecture and theoretical training as lead trainer, including a TOT on ICS, horticulture promotion, environment protection and plantation and integrated pest management as a lead trainer. Is experienced with two ICS designs and construction (mud brick and ceramic) and has limited technical knowledge. Some knowledge on participatory training, PRA and RRA. Has participated in a seven day training on PRA. General knowledge of M&E and program planning.

Kayeswar Man Sulpya (research institute affiliated with a university) age: 38

Works in research and development, promotion, training and field work. Has a MSc. in Botany and special training in energy management and biomass energy conversion. Has run lecture, field, practice and theoretical trainings as lead trainer.

Has extensive experience in stove design, stove construction, trouble shooting, knowledge of combustion, heat transfer and heat loss. Somewhat familiar with participatory training techniques and social assessment, monitoring and evaluation and program planning. A stove designer and technician with sensitivity for social issues.


Nazmul Haque (national NGO) age: 39

Works in training, planning, research and evaluation. He has an MA in development studies from an institute in the Netherlands. Also a MSc and a BSc from Bangladesh and has been trained in the UK. He has run participatory training for national and international NGOs on PRA, RRA, Development Communication, TOT, Participatory Planning Process, Monitoring and Evaluation and ICS as lead trainer. Familiar with Gender and Development studies. Has technical construction and trouble shooting knowledge for 6 ICS designs. Has also worked as a field worker. Is working as a team leader for independent evaluation of three NGOs' community development projects.

Dr. Lulu Bilquis Banu (research institute) age: 43

Works in scientific research and dissemination. Has an MSc. In Botany and a PhD. in fuel technology. Has trained and co-ordinated a one week training course on ICS that was lecture, field and practice based. Knowledgeable in stove design, stove construction and trouble shooting and biomass energy combustion, heat transfer and heat loss. Has attended a gender training and has a basic idea of the activity and resource profiles. Has basic general knowledge on participatory training, social assessment, community outreach, M&E and program planning.

Abu Zaher (local NGO) age: 44

Works to implement, supervise and monitor field programs, including ICS. Has an MA in history. Has trained disaster preparedness, ICS construction, water and sanitation, nonformal education as a lead trainer and assistant trainer for lecture based and field based training's. Has knowledge on ICS design, construction and dissemination. Has experience in participatory training methods and group formation. Experience in gender analysis and social assessment. Experience in program planning and M&E.


Zaw Zaw Han (national NGO) age: 27, fluent English

With a B. Sc. in forestry Zaw is a junior research officer involved with forest resources. Has been a lead trainer on a lecture based training course on construction of ICS and on a field based/practice based course on mud stove construction. Has good basic background on stove technical subjects. Has some background on social issues.

U Nay Myo Zaw (international NGO) age: 25

Works as a junior program officer responsible for community forestry projects, including ICS. Has a B. Sc. in chemistry. Has conducted training's on income generation and PRA training. Has overall basic knowledge in social aspects.

U Aung Kyaw Lwin (international NGO) age: 56

Works as logistical coordinator; has served as project officer for an ICS. Has a Bachelor of Economics: Planning and Development. Has trained as a lead trainer for theory and lecture based trainings such as stove consumer surveying and stove market analysis survey, manpower planning techniques for manpower development program. Has practical biomass technical knowledge. Worked as a UNV in Guyana.


Chean Thayut (international NGO) age: 26

Works as a PRA Provincial Coordinator. Has a B. Sc. in Forestry. Has conducted field based training as an assistant trainer. Has some technical cookstove knowledge. Has knowledge of participatory methods, participatory rural appraisal and participatory planning and monitoring and evaluation.

Ly Chou Beang (international NGO) age: 33

Works as a community forestry project manager. Has a B. Sc. in forestry and certificates of community forestry and community forestry extension from RECOFTC. Has worked as a lead. trainer in community forestry issues for lecture, field, practice and theory based training courses. No technical cookstove knowledge but six years experience in participatory training, social assessment, gender analysis, community outreach, M&E and project planning.

Yang Saing Koma (international NGO) age: 30

Works as research and training coordinator and lecturer. Has a doctor's degree in agriculture, farming system research and development. Has trained in home gardening and natural resource management. Lectures in farm management economics and sustainable agriculture. Has served as training coordinator, trainer and assistant trainer. Limited technical knowledge. Good knowledge on participatory training, social assessment, program planning and community outreach. Some knowledge on gender analysis and M&E.

Adhong Ramahdan (Indonesian NGO working in Cambodia) age: 31

Works on rural community development projects. Has a BA in Philosophy. Has trained in ICS as a lead trainer. Fair knowledge of technical ICS aspects, including construction of ceramic and mud stoves and some knowledge of non-technical. Works for YDD.


Jigmela (government: public health engineering). Works on rural development projects. Has experience with ICPs.


Husni Safruddin (government: energy directorate) age: 29

Works on the utilization of renewable energy. Is an electrical engineer. Some knowledge of stove construction, combustion participatory methods, participatory rural appraisal, and communication skills.

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