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The functional analysis

Commission I: The silviculturists
Commission II: The professors, teachers and students
Commission III: The conservationists and recreationists
Commission IV: The loggers
Commission V: The researchers
Commission VI: The economists, administrators and planners
Commission VII: The industrialists
Commission VIII: Open forum

THE CENTRAL PHASE of the congress was devoted to technical discussions extending over the whole range of the professional interests of the participants. In this way it was hoped that all those involved with any aspect of forestry would find a place in the congress where their interests were treated. It did mean, however, that no subject could be dealt with in great depth.

Seven specialized commissions were set up, and even an eighth commission was established to provide an open forum for those members who were still unable to find within the structure of the congress an appropriate place for raising questions of their special concern.

For each commission, except the eighth, a discussion paper or secretariat note was prepared by the moderator who was designated by the Organizing Committee, with the assistance of a secretary nominated by FAO) The technical discussions followed closely the analyses contained in the secretariat notes and there was general concurrence. However, many points were further developed, a few were disputed and important new points emerged. This is reflected in the following reports adopted by each commission.

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