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The boatyard is now running smoothly. The men know the routine and are building the four models developed with the minimum of assistance. The trainees are all good workers and should turn into capable boatbuilders if they continue the way they are going.

The counterpart boatbuilder problem is still to be resolved but this is not going to bring the programme to a halt if it is approached in a proper manner.

The people around the lake have shown interest in the boats from the start but with the exception of two, no one wanted to risk capital to try them out. In the last three months their whole attitude has changed. Within a period of two weeks all boats available for sale were sold. The boats under construction are spoken for and the experienced carpenters have all the work they want building boats in their spare time.

There will probably be some falling off in demand after the initial need is filled. The construction will then be to replace the canoes as they are retired. From 20 to 25 boats a year will supply this demand on Lake Phewa with another 15 being absorbed on Lakes Begnas and Rupa. This would just about be the maximum need in these areas for all purposes in the next two or three years.

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