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The following actions are recommended as items which may be accomplished in advance of the pond construction contract:

9.1 Request Public Works to have a survey of the area to be filled as a base for the ponds and pond access road. This survey should be used by the Public Works engineers to develop more exact quantities of fill to be placed on the site to bring final grade up to that of the laboratory site.

9.2 When fill quantities have been determined from 9.1, award a contract to fill the area to the specified elevation, with fill compacted to 95 percent density. The fill material can be a mixture of soil and rocks, as the pond construction, which must be of good select fill, will overlay the base fill. Public Works will, of course, prepare their usual contract, adding contract clauses, specifications, etc.

It is important to try and have the fill placed and compacted before the rainy season starts (November) to: (a) avoid delay in schedule for project completion; (b) keep the subgrade below the fill area covered during the rains to prevent it from absorbing more water than it now contains, and (c) allow the weight of the fill to start pressing the water out of the underlying base to start the consolidation process.

This will ensure as much subsidence as possible before pond construction starts.

With the weight of this fill on the site during the rainy season, the compaction of the subgrade may require a small amount of additional fill to be placed after the rains to bring the area up to final grade before pond construction starts.

9.3 Send design drawings and specifications to prospective liner suppliers to obtain firm quotes in order to ensure sufficient funds and liner availability. The Consultant will advise on the possibility of using Hypalon unlined and will send to the Directorate of Fisheries any additional liner information developed that may be considered relevant to the project.

9.4 Have Public Works prepare a pond construction contract based on the Consultant's designs. Public Works will add construction clauses, applicable specifications, quantities for bidding, etc. As earlier discussed, it may be beneficial for the Directorate of Fisheries to handle the water distribution system as an in-house project, subcontracting the plastic pipe joining and placing, with assistance provided by fisheries work force as applicable. As this is a research facility, the ability to be able to make changes in the water system are beneficial. Piping has been left above ground rather than buried for that reason. The diesel powered pump would be a direct purchase and the pump shelter would be built by subcontract.

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