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Appendix 1


Freshwater Prawn Culture Consultant (International)

Under the general supervision of the FAO Representative in Pakistan, and under the direction of the FAO Headquarters, the consultant will carry out a feasibility study on establishing freshwater prawn hatcheries in Lower Sindh province.

Specifically, the consultant will perform the following duties:

-   collect from government/private institutions all the basic data/information on physical, chemical, technical, biological, environmental and socio-economic aspects of establishing freshwater prawn hatchery and farm;

-   collect additional information by field survey/visits especially on soil, water, infrastructure, environment (including pollution), local socio-economics etc,;

-   analyse and interpret data/information to determine bio-technical, socio-economic and environmental feasibilities of freshwater prawn culture with special reference to establishing hatcheries;

-   if freshwater prawn culture is found to be feasible, then recommend appropriate technology packages and preliminary design for freshwater prawn hatcheries, both pilot and commercial types;

-   submit a comprehensive report, in draft for discussion with the Government, and in final form for debriefing in FAO Headquarters.

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