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Appendix 3


Ministry of Agriculture. Food and Livestock. Government of Pakistan. Islamabad:

Dr Zafar AltafSecretary
Dr Israh ShahFederal Adviser
Dr Zafrullah NazimAnimal Husbandry Commissioner/Joint Secretary
Mr Jameel AhmadFisheries Development Commissioner
Dr Muhammad HayatAsst. Fisheries Development Commissioner
Dr Rukshana AnjumAsst. Fisheries Development Commissioner

Marine Fisheries Department (Ministry of Agriculture. Food and Livestock), Government of Pakistan. Karachi:

Dr Abdul MajidDirector
Mr Moazzam KhanPrincipal Planning Officer
Mr S.M. Zafar ImamAssistant Director

Aquaculture and Fisheries Research Institute. Pakistan Agricultural Research Centre. Islamabad:

Dr Nasim AkhtarDirector
Dr Muhammad YaqoobPrincipal Scientific Officer

Livestock and Fisheries Department. Government of Sindh. Karachi:

Mr Abdul Rashid KharalSecretary
Dr Mohammad Nawaz BalochDirector General
Mr Qamaruddin BaloachDirector
Mr Anwar-ul-IslamDeputy Director
Mr Khan Muhammad NiaziDeputy Director
Mr Athar Mian IshaqAssistant Director
Mr Mhd. Salim Akhtar KhanAssistant Director
Mr Sheikh Shakli AhmedEngineer
Mr Ashraf Ali ShahBiologist/In Charge
(Chilya Hatchery)
Mr Arif IqbalAssistant Biologist
(Chilya Hatchery)

Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority:

Mr Waheed AhmedDirector

National Institute of Oceanography. Ministry of Science and Technology. Karachi:

Dr S.H. Niaz RizviDirector General

University of Karachi Zoology Department:

Dr Imtiaz AhmedChairman and Professor of Zoology
Dr S. Naim-ul-Hasan NacviProfessor of Toxicology
Dr Habibul HassanProfessor and Marine Shrimp Coordinator
Mr Zaheer AhmedPresident, Zoological Society

University of Karachi Marine Science Department:

Dr Afzal KazmiProfessor
Dr Mrs. Afzal KazmiIn-charge, Plankton Laboratory

Private Sector:

Mr Mohammad AlamTijarat Agencies, Karachi (owner of Dilshad Fish/Prawn Farm, Chilya, Thatta District)
Mr Syed Zameerul Hasan JafferyOwner, Jaffery Aquatic Farm, Mirpur Sakro, Thatta
Mr Saad uz ZamanManager, Global Finance, Citibank,
Karachi (potential freshwater prawn farming investor)
Dr Jawaid Anwar*Director, Jawaid Anwar Clinical
Laboratory, Makkah Al-Mukaramma,
Saudi Arabia (potential freshwater prawn farming investor with site in Thatta District)

FAQ Representative's Office. Islamabad**:

Mr Haji Adji Ismet-HakimFAO Representative
Mr Muhammad AliProgramme Officer
Mr Ahmed ZabeehAdministration/Finance Officer

Fisheries Department. FAO Rome. Italy**:

Dr Mario PediniSenior Adviser
(Aquaculture Development)
Dr P.C. ChoudhuryFisheries Resources Officer
Dr Rohana SubasingheFisheries Resources Officer
Ms Dora BlessichFisheries Project Operations Officer

* correspondence only; not personally met by consultant

** only those listed directly concerned with TCP/PAK/4559

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