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Second Session of the FAO Council

Progress Report by the Director-General on the Work of FAOCL 2/5
Report on Action by Member Governments in Response to Recommendations of Council at its First Session
CL 2/14
World Food and Agriculture Situation and ProspectsCL 2/6
Report of the International Emergency Food CommitteeIEFC Doc. (Printed)
Resolution Adopted by the International Wheat CouncilCL 2/21
FertilizersIEFC Doc.
Report on Farm MachineryCL 2/4
Vegetables and FruitsCL 2/17
Increasing the Utilization of Skim Milk for Human Consumption with some Reference to Dried and Concentrated Whole Milk
CL 2/7
Periodic Statement Regarding Exchange Difficulties (and Corrigendum)CL 2/2
Report of the First Meeting of the Policy Committee on Production and DistributionCL 2/16
Regional Activities of FAO (Report by the Director-General)CL 2/15
FAO Regional Conference for the Near East (Report by the Director-General)CL 2/11
Meeting of European FAO CommitteesPrinted in Rome
FAO Rice Meeting, Baguio Summary of RecommendationsCL 2/18
Report of Nutrition Committee on the Nutrition Problems of Rice-Eating CountriesCL 2/10
Report of the FAO Fisheries Conference, BaguioCL 2/12
Regional FAO Organization for Southeast AsiaCL 2/19
European Activities of FAO in the Field of Forestry and Forest Products (Report by the Director-General)CL 2/8
The Economic and Social Council Resolution Concerning Co-ordinated Action to Meet the Continuing World Food Crisis
CL 2/13
Report of Committee on Financial ControlCL 2/3
Committee on Relationships with International Organizations (Interim Report to the Council)CL 2/26
Measures to Meet Exchange DeficitsCL 2/28
Policy Committee on Production and Distribution (Second Meeting)CL 2/30
List of FAO PublicationsCL 2/32
Report of Committee on Financial Control (Second Session)CL 2/33
Report of Committee on Site of Permanent Headquarters of FAOCL 2/34
Co-operation between FAO and Regional Economic CommissionsCL 2/39
Report of Committee on Relationships with other International Organizations (Statement of U.S. Member)
CL 2/50
Report of Drafting Committee on Relations with Regional Economic CommissionsCL 2/51

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