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VI. FAO's Program of Work

The Council has taken note of the reports of the Director-General on 1949 activities (CL 6/11), and on the publications program (CL 6/12), which were requested by the previous session.

The Draft Program of Work for 1950 (CL 6/13) and the Report of the Technical Coordinating Committee on this program (CL 6/10) have also been before the Council for its information and comments, particularly to assist it in discussing the draft annual budget with the Director-General, as required by the financial regulations.

The Council has considered the Director-General's proposed program. Various suggestions have been made to the Director-General for his consideration, but no specific amendments have been proposed since it is the view of the Council that the Director-General should present the 1950 Draft Program to the Conference as his own proposal and on his own responsibility.

The Council is impressed with the necessity of obtaining the services of outside experts from a number of countries if FAO is to function most usefully. This will become even more important if a Technical Assistance Program develops. The Council therefore urges that all member governments give serious consideration to the obligation they have already accepted to release experts for temporary service with FAO.

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