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CL 61/1Agenda
CL 61/1(a) First DraftAnnotated Agenda
CL 61/2Report of the Forty-Eighth Session of the Committee on Commodity Problems
CL 61/3Report of the Joint Meeting of the Programme and Finance Committees - Report of the Twenty-fourth Session of the Programme Committee - Report of the Tirtieth Session of the Finance Committee
CL 61/3-Corr.1Corrigendum to above
CL 61/4Report of the Twenty-eighth Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (CCLM)
CL 61/4-Corr.1Corrigendum to above
CL 61/5Proposals for Rationalization in the Agriculture, Economic and Social and Development Departments
CL 61/5-Sup.1Organization Chart
CL 61/6Report of the Ad Hoc Government Consultation on Fertilizers
CL 61/6-Corr.1Corrigendum to above
CL 61/7FAO Activities in Agricultural Research
CL 61/7-Corr.1Corrigendum to above
CL 61/8[No document]
CL 61/9Fifth Report on the Activities of the Joint Inspection Unit July 1972 - June 1973)
CL 61/10Third Report on Unscheduled Sessions of FAO Bodies in the 1972–73 Biennium
CL 61/11World Food Programme - Draft Resolution for the Conference Setting Out the Pledging Target for 1975–76 Biennium
CL 61/12[No document]
CL 61/13Communications in the United Nations System (JIU/REP/72/7) - Comments by the Administrative Committee on Coordination
CL 61/14[No document]
CL 61/15[No document]
CL 61/16UN Joint Inspection Unit Report on the Introduction of Cost Accounting in the Organizations of the UN Family
CL 61/16-Add.1Addendum to above
CL 61/17Survey of FAO Periodicals and Annuals
CL 61/18Establishment of a Fishery Commission for the Western Central Atlantic under Article VI-1 of the Constitution
CL 61/19Invitations to International Non-Governmental Organizations which do not have status with FAO
CL 61/INF Series 
CL 61/INF/1Provisional Timetable
CL 61/INF/1-Corr.1Corrigendum to above
CL 61/INF/2-Rev.1Provisional List of Delegates and Observers
CL 61/INF/3Implementation of Decisions taken at the Sixtieth Council Session
CL 61/LIM Series 
CL 61/LIM/1Financial Position of the Organization
CL 61/LIM/2Urgent Consultation on the World Cereals Situation
CL 61/OD Series 
CL 61/OD/1 to CL 61/OD/5First to Fifth Orders of the Day
CL 61/REP Series 
CL 61/CW/REP/1 
CL 61/CW/REP/2Draft Report of the Committee-of-the Whole
CL 61/CW/REP/3 
CL 61/REP/1 
CL 61/REP/2Draft Report of the Council
CL 61/PV Series 
CL 61/PV/1 to
CL 61/PV/9
First to Ninth Verbatim Records of the Council

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