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A. Under “Item 9 - Review of FAO Field Programmes, 1972–73”:

  1. trends as to FAO's relationship in the field with recipient countries and financing agencies (excluding Regular Programme financial aspects);

  2. the inter-relation of Field Programmes and Regular Programme priorities;

  3. trends of qualitative aspects, such as:

    balance between surveys, feasibility studies, and institution building categories, as they are distinguished in para. 37, of the Review of Field Programmes; balance between food and non-food production; and emphasis on least developed countries;

  4. trends in methods as to:

    size of projects; counterparts; involvement of recipient government; fellowships; equipment; consultants; subcontracting; project servicing agreements with institutions; balance between country and intercountry or global programmes, and cooperation among developing countries;

  5. evaluation;

  6. matters to be referred to COAG, COFO and COFI.

B. Under “Item 10 - Medium-Term Objectives”:

trends emerging from the discussion under Item 9 that are not only relevant to the Field Programmes but also to objectives in the context of all FAO Programmes and resources, and which are meaningful for the medium-term period. This would cover broader questions, such as:

  1. total investment desirable in agricultural development, in an absolute as well as a relative sense and irrespective of source, as well as trends in availability of resources (without reference to the direct financial impact on the Regular Programme);

  2. balance between technical assistance and budgetary support;

  3. balance between production and social measures;

  4. changes necessary to create a more efficient and cohesive agricultural development programme.

C. Under “Item 11 - Programme of Work and Budget 1974–75”. The immediate financial aspects of the impact of the Field Programmes on the Regular Programme:

  1. in general, and in connection with UNDP, multilateral, bilateral, and other arrangements;

  2. in particular, the proposed $ 1 million transfer (paras. 17–19, of Explanatory Notes of the Programme of Work and Budget).

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