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Calendar of Sessions of the Council and those Bodies which Report to the Council 1

18. The Council had before it a provisional calendar of sessions of the Council and of those bodies which report to the Council for the biennium 1976–1977, and was informed of the change of date of the First Session of the Committee on World Food Security from 8–12 March 1976 to 5–9 April 1976.

19. The Council decided to postpone the Second Session of its Ad Hoc Committee on Food and Nutrition Policies from early May 1976 to the latter part of the year.

20. The Council approved the provisional calendar as amended 2, on the understanding that observations made during discussion of this item should be taken into account, and in particular that the dates provisionally fixed for some sessions would be re-examined by the Council, in order to ensure that the pre-session documentation was dispatched in good time.

Appointment of Alternate Chairman of the FAO Appeals Committee 3

21. In accordance with Staff Regulation 301.111, the Council appointed H.E. Mr. A.K. Atal (former Ambassador of India to Italy) as an Alternate Chairman of the FAO Appeals Committee. The Council noted that the Staff Regulations provided for the appointment of two alternate chairman, and decided to consider the appointment of a second Alternate Chairman at a subsequent session.

Date and Place of the Sixty-Ninth Session of the Council 4

22. The Council decided that its Sixty-Ninth Session should be convened in Rome early in July 1976.

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2 See Appendix D to this Report.
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