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Wools of New Zealand (formerly called the New Zealand Wool Board) has kindly made available a considerable amount of the material on shearing and gear maintenance, which has been republished in this bulletin. I am extremely grateful for this information and I express my thanks accordingly to Wools of New Zealand - my former employer.

Wools of New Zealand is a wool grower funded body which works to promote New Zealand wool internationally. It also provides wool growers with a range of services to ensure the quality and efficiency of wool production is enhanced.

Wools of New Zealand offers training and instruction services covering:
- Shearing (at junior, intermediate and senior levels)
- Wool handling instruction courses (at junior, intermediate and advanced levels).
- Wool classing instruction and refresher courses.
- Advice to wool growers on farm management, sheep selection, clip preparation and market information.

For your information Wools of New Zealand can be contacted through:
Group Manager Grower Services
Wools of New Zealand
P O Box 3225
New Zealand
Phone (04) 472 6888
Fax (04) 473 7872

In conclusion, a special acknowledgment to Liz Kahn, Secretary Grower Services Group for her valued assistance, forbearance and co-operation with the preparation of this bulletin.

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